There are certain principles that seem to work time and again in copywriting, and in this article will present a few to you.

Captivate Readers
Captivate Readers

1. Be Concise

People visiting your website are busy and on the go. They wish to complete a task, and that is to find something, or to do something. If they can’t find it quickly, they will move on, and move on quickly, to a different site. There is a proven 58% increase in usability on websites when the copy is concise.

2. Be Simple

You may be surprised to learn that people do not read online. Instead, they skim the text for words that match their interests. Almost 80% of them do this! Keep your pages easy on the eyes, so that visitors can scan them quickly and efficiently for their desired targets, rather than getting bored and leaving.

3. Be Objective

Take a look around the Internet; there are a ton of scams and pages full of spam. Because of this, language that is clearly trying to sell something is a burden to readers; writing that does not contain this sort of “hype” has been proven almost 30% more usable.

4. Be Personable

Readers have positive associations from chatting with their friends online; write in a similarly casual and friendly way, rather than being cold and corporate.

5. Be Searchable

The issue of search optimization could take many pages by itself to discuss. Suffice it to say right here, that your words are not only being read and processed by readers. The internet is constantly scoured by search engines, which add pages to indexes. After that, when an individual searches for certain words, relevant pages are suggested. Consider what you might type into a search engine, if you were looking for information like that which is contained on your site – do yourself a favor this way.

6. Be Updated

Let us put this one simply, getting into the mind of a reader again: How would you feel if you came across a page that was last updated in 2012, no matter how high the quality of the information present?

7. Be Organized

Reading a web page is not like reading a book. Readers prefer short bits of article information, linked from one to the other in easy, logical, and efficient ways.

8. Be Hyperlinked

The importance of hyperlinks is fairly obvious, and the judicious use of them can be a real boon to your site. Remember, however, to be subtle about your links – “click right here” is never a good idea.

Remember these tips, and see your web traffic soar!


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