Professional writers may find themselves creating over one hundred articles per week. At that rate of writing, one might expect the articles to begin to appear similar, but this is actually not usually the case. Often, copywriters feel that once they’ve written an article they should continue on to a different project; this is not always wise. If the correct steps are taken, one article can be used in several ways.

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Retaining ownership

If the article has been written for a client, you must determine whether or not they have full ownership of the content. If you are involved in a binding contract, there are still ways that you can profit from the sovepiller håndkøb article on a continuing basis. If you change the article enough so that it remains similar, but also quite different, you can develop new content. Copyright issues are avoided in this way.

In the event that the articles are produced only for you with the intention of later selling them, all the better. Suggest to the buyer that the two of you enter into an agreement in which you provide them with “non-exclusive rights.” You continue to own your content legally in this way, and can sell your unchanged article to multiple buyers; this is a fast and easy way to make money.

E books

Beyond retaining ownership of your articles, there are other ways to make the most of your content. Many readers today use the Internet rather than bound books. Because of this, e-books are increasingly popular and you can use this to your advantage. Keep in mind that the majority of e-books are simply collections of articles that have been formatted in a different way. Should you find that you have amassed a collection of articles surrounding a certain topic, you can possibly turn these into an e-book. These e-books are then sold in the same way as traditionally printed books, and can be sold to many readers.

The act of transforming your articles into an e-book can be quite lucrative for you. That act is not, however, the only profitable act you can undertake. Of late, many have turned to the internet as a learning tool – you can write a group of articles to be used as guides or courses. You can sell this material to companies, offer them for free and reap money from the advertising, or you can charge individual internet users a small amount to access your information. It is up to you!


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