How to make your teeth whitest and brightest 

Teeth are a small whitish structure which can be seen in jaws. This helps us break down the food particles into simpler substances as it’s very much easier to digest. Many animals use their teeth for hunting their prey and to protect themselves from their enemy. Teeth are not a part of bone and not made up of it. Teeth are of different types based on the maturity level of humans like milk teeth, canine teeth molar and premolar. Usually every human has 32 teeth including the premolar. 

Teeth reflect your happiness as it should be healthier and to state that you’re happier. It’s necessary to keep your teeth clean every time if you’re seen with whitish teeth it even makes your impression more unique. 

Generally individuals are very much fond of whitish and shiner teeth which are healthier too. As a result of all these constraints teeth whitening has become a unique part of beauty and nowadays finding a whitening solution through different sources like the internet and parlours have become more familiar to people. Whitening can be done naturally by using chemical substances like chromium and peroxide but be cautious as it may result in some oral hazards in few individuals. The international market has started moving on new organic and natural compounds rather than chemical substances for this progress. To make your teeth more shiner and whitening it’s so simple surfing the internet for easy remedies.

Baking soda is a well known ingredient in many toothpastes and we can mix a half a spoon with a tooth paste which brings the long lasting shine. This baking soda mixture with tooth paste is not advised to be taken on every day as it affects the enamel of the teeth. Use it once in a week or two.

Lemon juice is another remedy for whitening and shiner teeth. Without using toothpaste every day in alternate we can use a spoon of lemon juice with salt which increases shiner and white teeth without any side effects. Strawberries can also be used as a remedy for brushing teeth. Cut strawberries into two pieces and just rub over your teeth and also with the other half mash it into paste and use for brushing your teeth. Many have turned into instant benefits as many results have proven with more side effects, temporary benefits are more nowadays then a permanent solution.

tooth extraction cost A common question arises among many individuals nowadays as they are very much fond of shiner and whitening. This can be simply achieved from home with the help of baking soda or with lemon and salt. 

Tooth pastes, treatments and whitening agents like per-oxide will just give a temporary healing for the problem but there are some natural solutions such as natural herbs and organic compounds like lime, vinegar and strawberries that give a permanent solution for this problem with maximized benefits to mankind. Stick towards this natural solution which eliminates frequent disorders in teeth. Nowadays many dentists suggest natural solutions and the World Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Federation of Dentist Association have also accepted this statement.

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