Cleanliness is the good habit to your mouth 

In this busy world people forget to do their daily chores, some may skip their daily morning breakfast, some may not take bath and few will not brush their teeth. All those things are very vital and important in our life. If we fail to do it in a proper way then we may have many problems in our body. If we skip our daily breakfast then our body will secretes acids in our stomach and in oesophagus and that condition causes ulcer and it also leads to weight gain. Taking a bath is also very important in human life because if you do not take a bath then germs may get developed in your body and that may lead to fungal and bacterial infection. The last and most important is brushing our teeth. If we do not brush our teeth then cavities will form in our teeth and the bacteria will stay in between our chewing areas of the teeth so when we consume our food it may enter inside our body and give us severe problems in us.    

Perfect cleaning of our teeth

How to brush teeth?

 We may eat many junk food or sugar loaded in the night and we will never gargle our teeth after eating so what happens in our teeth after eight hours of sleep, food materials in between our teeth will be decayed and it will release toxic gases and bacteria’s so our teeth may severely damage in the very next day so it is very important to brush our teeth before bed and after bed. There is an important question that arises in all human beings: tooth extraction cost It is not an easy task. First we have to choose our brush according to our teeth type. For example if our teeth are slightly disarranged, then choose a brush which bends easily and cleans the interior area. Likewise you should wisely choose your tooth paste there are many toothpaste brands available in the market each paste may differ from one another so if you have sensitive teeth or bleeding gums choose the paste which solves it. There are many electronic brushes available but those brushes will not enter in between our teeth.

Steps to clean our teeth

After choosing the right brush and paste, start brushing gently on the first day and then increase your cleaning method step by step. Concentrate on the cavities affected area because if you leave that while cleaning then it may develop massively and result in many diseases. Every time you brush your hand 45 degrees from your gum areas. Thoroughly Brush front and back of your teeth and continue it for two or three times. Chewing areas are a very important part of our so brush gently over it. Do extreme end to cleaning before you finish brushing. Gargle after brushing teeth and clean the foam deposited over your teeth. Use mouthwash to stop bad breath, plaque and gingivitis from your mouth. Keep your mouth always clean and gargle it every time you consume food. Our teeth are the main reason for many dangerous diseases like heart attack, lung diseases etc so take care in cleaning your teeth every day.           

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