How to clean my mouth and how to brush teeth?

Human beings have different kinds of organs in us. Each functionality and working nature will differ from one another so if one organ fails to respond properly then entire organs will get affected so it is necessary to safeguard all our organs in a proper way. When comparing all the organs, the mouth is very different and special for us because without a mouth we cannot eat food or drink water so we may die anytime without it. Mouth has two special organs like tongue and teeth though it is a sensory organ which has many taste buds inside it so when we consume any kind of food our tongue is able to say  what taste the food has. The food we eat is grind and chewed by our teeth. Our teeth are a stronger part of our body. We can chew almost everything if our teeth are stronger. A person even eats a rock if he has stronger teeth. God had given everything in a special way for us it our duty to maintain it properly. Mouth is a reason for all diseases; a doctor can easily find a person’s disease from the smell of his mouth. Heart attack, mouth ulcer, lung disease, plague, gingivitis are the most common diseases caused because of uncleanable mouth. 

How to clean my mouth and how to brush teeth?

The most common question in today’s world is tooth extraction cost one must brush their teeth twice a day and gargle the teeth whenever we consume food. Nowadays people tend to eat fast food and sugar loaded food every time so it is very important to choose a good toothpaste and brush to keep cavities from the bay. There are many brush types available like zigzag bristles, smooth bristles etc so choose the one which is suitable for your teeth. People should not ignore the cavities and holes in their teeth because it causes severe lung diseases if left just like that. So it is necessary to have a dental check up once in every month to avoid dental problems. Many dentists are advising their patients to take a dental exam once in a year though they have or do not have the dental problems.

How to brush teeth

Brushing teeth is not that easy as we think we cannot clean our entire mouth in a single day so we should concentrate every day while brushing the teeth. Things that have to be remembered while brushing is we should keep our brush 45 degrees from our gums. Clean the back and front of your teeth more than two times. Concentrate on chewing areas of your teeth because food materials will be stored in those parts alone. Don’t forget to clean your tongue after brushing, gargling your teeth before and after brushing gives us excellent cleaning. Use mouthwash to keep mouth problems at the bay.  Every day we enjoy different and delicious food in our mouth but if left it unclean then how can we enjoy the same kind of food every day so get awareness about cleaning the teeth and dental problems caused because of it, Keep your mouth and body always clean.           

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